The Voice that Touched the Stars – Lotte Lehmann

This WordPress website commemorates the life and work of German-American singer, Lotte Lehmann.

Toscanini considered her “the greatest artist in the world” and Richard Strauss coined the epitaph that is now engraved on her tombstone: “Sie hat gesungen, dass es Sterne rührte”—her singing moved the stars.

Without doubt, Lotte Lehmann had the voice that touched the stars and the WordPress website provides a huge amount of biographical audio, text, and video records that document Lehmann’s life and work. However, over time, the site had become overgrown and too unwieldy for many visitors. Specific information often proved difficult to find and the site’s navigation menu had become too large to manage. Topos Media provided miscellaneous updates the site’s design, menus, photo galleries, and display features.

Among the new features that we added to the site was a new, customized theme, including three distinct site sections with their own banners and page layouts, and the easy to use and customize tiled image gallery by Jetpack.


The voice that touched the stars - Lotte Lehmann



When we started work on the site, it was bursting at the seems with an incredible amount of content, menu choices and options that left many visitors confused. The addition of simple splash page made it a lot easier for visitors to quickly find the content that they are most interested in.

Re-organizing the menu options into clear categories further improved the site’s usability and visitor experience. Here’s a collection of screenshots highlighting different sections of the site.



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