Tattoo Macro Photography: Please Exit through the Etsy Store

Tattoo macro photography is the main topic of one of our favorite WordPress sites: Maureen Eckert’s TATTOOMACRO.COM. The site aims to provide a new way to experience tattoo arts by featuring artful close-up photography galleries and stories about tattoos and their owners.

The Right Platform: A Topos Media WordPress Installation

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 17.31.14One of the key requirements for the development of TATTOOMACRO.COM was to make it as easy as possible for Maureen to upload her work, create galleries with the images, and write and post her own articles and pages. A Topos Media WordPress Installation, customised with a selection of plugins and other features, proved to be the perfect platform for Maureen to showcase her work as a macro photographer.

As Maureen points out, tattoo macro photography is a great medium to show the connection between the artwork that is the tattoo and the person wearing the tattoo. She writes,

the images shared on this site represent this sort of collaborative experience: Seeing the art within the art is just another way of seeing and responding to a tattoo.

At the heart of the site are the posts and image galleries that offer an insight both into the person and interests of the person owning the tattoo and the artwork that the tattoo itself provides. The use of macro photography changes the customary visual distance to the tattoo and offers a unique perspective on minute and intricate details not visible from a distance.

Gallery of Screenshots

Here’s a quick selection of screenshots featuring various sections of the site:


The Latest Addition: An Etsy Store on a WordPress Site

Latest feature of the site is a page displaying the inventory of Maureen’s Origin[Deleted] Etsy store on her TATTOOMACRO.COM WordPress site.

Origin[Deleted] on TattooMacro.Com

The WordPress copy of Maureen’s Etsy store is produced by an Etsy Store WordPress plugin authored by Frédéric Sheedy. This plugin is not one of the easiest to implement.  However, for a WordPress webmaster at the intermediate level, it should be no problem to setup one or more Etsy stores on a site.

The plugin allows to list the inventory of categories (on the Etsy store) or to display single item listings. A local cache keeps calls to the Etsy API at a minimum and is easily updated by the administrator should the inventory at the Etsy store change.

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