Say It in Fijian – A new Topos Media iBook

Interested in learning Fijian? Albert J. Schütz, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii commissioned Topos Media to help him recreate his classic “Say It In Fijian” paperback book. The new iBook version is now available from Apple’s I-Tunes Store.

Dr. Schütz’s iBook has many features not available in traditional print books.


easy navigation on your iPhone and iPad
interactive glossary and index
options for font size, brightness
historical photographs of Fiji
audio clips of native Fijian speaker

Much care and effort has been invested in its layout and design in order to make the book a very enjoyable and rewarding reading and media experience.

Here are a few screenshots of pages from the iBook:

This revised and expanded edition of Say It in Fijian presents Albert J. Schütz’s popular introduction to the language for the first time in an interactive, media-rich e-book format.

The ebook is designed for use on most tablets, readers, and smart phones. In addition to a highly readable introduction to the Fijian language, the ebook also includes an extensive selection of audio recordings. The recordings have been especially recorded with native speakers. They make it very easy to hear and say simple words and phrases. For example, as Schütz explains in the book, “the simplest way to begin using Fijian is with the greetings, and most common is:

Bula means literally ‘health’ or ‘life’.  means ‘you plural’, but it is also a respectful way of referring to just one person. The singular form, sā bula, or bula, can be used among close friends, rather in the same way as tu and du are in French and German.”

Schütz’s Say It in Fijian has long been recognised as a masterfully crafted introduction to the Fijian language. The ebook edition makes it even easier for beginning students and casual visitors alike to quickly acquire a basic familiarity with many common and practical Fijian expressions. In addition, the e-book includes a collection of never before seen historical photographs depicting life and culture of Fiji in the 1960s.


For more information, please visit or checkout the book on iTunes.