From Green Amazon to Red Brazil – Reinventing Online Book Stores

Building an online book store is one thing, building an online book store with an inventory of more than 4 million titles is another story. Add realtime price checks, a custom inventory search module, multiple inventory locations, various shipping and payment gates, and then build it from scratch with PHP, MySQL, Javascript. A substantial order even by today’s standards. A fantastic challenge a decade ago in 2006.

How to build the online store of the future (in 2007)?

At the time, now popular open source e-commerce solutions, shopping carts, and payment gateway systems were just beginning to become available. They were not easily customisable at the time, and with multiple inventory locations, more than 4,000,000 items in inventory, various shipping and payment options, plus integrated backend order placements, fulfilment tracking, payments and invoicing features, all of it taken together simply made it necessary to build the online store app from scratch.

It is a bit of blast into the past, but REDBRAZIL.COM – books to better your world is one of our largest custom built sites and provided us with invaluable experience in designing inventory search codes, integrating invoice and billing, inventory control, shipping and payment systems. Still online and doing well, the site demonstrates the power of good coding that was able to accommodate the occasional protocol updates and database query field formatting.


Check out their fantastic lines of business and computer books: RedBrazil.Com

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