Rapid Website Development: COVID19Caregiving.Com

How to support caregivers during the COVID-19 epidemic? That was an urgent concern that Dr. Warren wanted to address as quickly as possible as the COVID-19 crisis grew from day to day. His vision, COVID19Caregiving.Com was realised by Topos Media's Rapid Website Development approach, which made it possible to build a custom made website for Dr. Warren in less than a week's development time!

The internet was made for this!

That was our first response when Dr. Warren Wong approached us for a solution to the problem of how to support caregivers in this difficult time. Topos Media and Dr. Warren have been working together on Dr. Warren's mobile app, MemorC, but the current COVID-19 crisis prompted him to shift gears. His vision was a site to provide help and support to caregivers during the current COVID-19 epidemic.

He was very concerned because

COVID-19 has made caring for seniors extremely difficult

COVID-19 is deadly, especially for seniors.  As a Geriatrician (a physician specializing in the care of seniors), Dr. Warren thought that there had been very little expert and practical advice about what to do if you are a caregiver for a senior.

Topos Media Rapid Website Development was able to create an online presence for Dr. Warren within days.  COVID19Caregiving.com provides practical advice, updates and a community of support. If you are a caregiver or know of someone who is a caregiver, please tell them about Dr. Warren's new website:


Rapid Website Development

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