How to reach 150,000 Downloads

Downloads wp adminWhen Graham Priest first talked to us about a website that would showcase his work, he wanted to make sure that his site featured a download mechanism that would allow visitors to download copies of articles and other writings directly and easily from the website. Well, the numbers are in and it sure looks like we built the right solution: just passed 150000 downloads!

We mentioned the need for a robust and user friendly download feature in our first post announcing the launch of the new site, but little did we know how popular the feature was to become with the visitors to

It took some time to review and select the right WordPress plugin for the task. After an in-depth review of features and coding architecture offered by various plugins, we selected Delightful Downloads by Ashley Rich. The plugin combined a solid coding with great usability both for the site visitor and the site owner.

Delightful Downloads by Ashley Rich

The plugin makes it easy for the site owner or admins to add, edit, or delete documents that are available for download on the site. On, the number of available files has grown to more than 300. Visitors to the site enjoy the straight forward--and anonymous--download process: Simply click on the "Download PDF" button, allow downloads from (if prompted), and voila! The download starts!

Congratulations and a warm Thank You to Graham Priest for making his pioneering work freely available to all who are interested. We are delighted and honoured to help promote such important work online.




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