HACC 2017 : Team Volume Seven

Election Volunteer Scheduler


Volunteer App

Volunteer App

Volunteer App

This web-based app is specifically designed to be usable on the widest range of popular devices. It works on any device that includes an HTML5 capable browser - a standard feature on virtually all contemporary smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

The app makes it easy for prospective election volunteers to register, sign-up for a training session, and request a work location assignment.

The app furthermore coordinates communications between the volunteer and the office of elections, provides reminders, location maps, and a list of important documents.


Administrative Pages

Administrative Pages

Administrative Pages

The administrative pages for the volunteer scheduler app allow staff of the office of elections to easily monitor volunteer registrations, communicate by email with individual and groups of volunteers, and to maintain an up-to-the-minute overview of the election volunteer registration, training, and employment situation.

An important advantage of the administrative pages is that they dramatically reduce time intensive phone communications. It furthermore makes it easy to determine which volunteer postions and which locations have a sufficient number of volunteers and which still need additional sign-ups.



Spencer Young | Joseph Heaukulani | Charles Gum | Suzanne Savet | Holger H-Ray Heine

Our team started during the opening presentations of this year's HACC. Spencer Young and Holger Heine met at the Office of Elections information table and struck up a conversation about the Volunteer Scheduling Challenge. Favoring an HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript based approach, they quickly discovered that they agreed on many aspects of the app and decided to join forces.

Joe Heaukulani and Suzanne Savet joined the team shortly after that, bringing project management and additional coding experience to the group. Finally, during the first checkin meeting the following week, Charles Gum joined the team, adding arcGIS mapping and geolocation expertise.

For additional information on the project, please visit the project's listing on DevPost: