Topos Media Presents Open Source App at Hawaii Annual Coding Challenge

Topos Media contributed an innovative and secure open source app to this year’s Hawaii Annual Coding Challenge (HACC 2017). The main goal of HACC 2017, which was held for the second time this year, is to engage the local tech community in modernizing state functions and services for a more effective, efficient and open government.

Hawaii Governor David Ige

Conceived by Gov. David Y. Ige, the Hawaii Annual Coding Challenge is coordinated by the Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) in partnership with the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and local nonprofit Hawaii Open Data. Multiple state departments and agencies put forth challenges to community participants to identify innovative software solutions to improve government services.

HACC 2017: ELVOS by Topos Media

HACC 2017: ELVOS Home Page by Topos Media

Topos Media’s HACC 2017 team Volume Seven developed our contribution — an Election Volunteer Scheduling app named ELVOS — in less than four weeks time. ELVOS is a web-based mobile app (coded in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) that delivers an effective and secure open source solution to the coding challenge presented by the Hawaii Office of Elections.

ELVOS allows election volunteers to register with the Office of Elections, signup for training sessions, and request preferred work assignments. The app is designed to  save the Office of Elections staff much time and effort by eliminating the need for repeated phone calls to confirm training sessions and volunteer assignments — a time and resource problem that the Office of Elections faces each election year.

The app itself consists of two main components:
1) a public app used by prospective and registered volunteers
2) an administrative interface for use by Office of Elections staff.

The volunteer (public) part of the ELVOS is specifically designed to be usable on the widest range of popular devices. It works on any device that includes an HTML5 capable browser — a standard feature on virtually all contemporary smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Furthermore, since the volunteer part is entirely coded in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, it provides the foundation for proprietary apps, like Apple iOS or Android apps, which can be generated quickly and cost-efficiently from the open source code by using Cordova or Adobe’s PhoneGap as development platforms.



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