Ebook Publishing

Do you have a manuscript for an ebook? Are you planning to include images, audio, or video?

Topos Media offers a complete range of ebook publishing services for independent authors and businesses who wish to reach a broad audience by leveraging the power of digital publishing and distribution. With the increasing ubiquity of smart devices, phones, tablets, ebook readers, publishing an ebook opens up an effective new way to build relationships with your audience.

However, the technical complexities of ebook publishing can be overwhelming.

We can help you with:

  • selecting the right ebook formats
  • producing and testing your manuscript in the selected digital format(s)
  • designing and implementing audio and video presentations
  • handling ISBN numbers and online distribution channels
  • ebook marketing and more!

Ebook publishing made easy: Say It in Filian. A Topos Media iBook.

Albert Schütz. 2015. Say It in Filian. A Topos Media iBook.

Ebook publishing involves many issues that can easily distract even the most experienced writer from the main goal: the production of a great manuscript.

Topos Media has the expertise and knowledge base to produce your ebook and bring it into global distribution. Whether you are a creative writer who wants to explore the opportunities afforded by media rich digital publications or a business seeking new ways to connect and relate to your customers, Topos Media can help.

We are sensitive to large range of individual author's needs and requirements and provide a full range custom-tailored, personalised publishing services. Some authors like to keep close control and self-publish their work. At the same time, they don't want to be bogged down by technical issues. Here, Topos Media can assist by simply producing technically correct versions of all of the most common ebook formats from manuscripts provided in the form of MS Word documents, which authors then can use to self-publish their work.

Other authors like the advantages of a full-fledged publisher. For them, we offer complete publishing services including print and electronic versions of their book, as well as an extensive range of online marketing services and tools to help authors promote and sell their work. 

Whatever your approach and preferences in publishing your work, we will be able to provide you with the exact services that move your project forward.

Contact us today to find out more about publishing your ebook with Topos Media!