About Topos Media

Hello and thank you for your interest in Topos Media! In case you wondered, topos is a Greek word meaning place, location, and opportunity (the English words topic and topography are also derived from topos).


Holger Heine and Suzanne Savet

We are a small, highly personalized, digital media media production company. Holger Heine and Suzanne Savet started the business in 1997 in San Francisco, California. We are at home both in the US and in Germany (Krefeld).  

Our core production and development interests are mobile apps, ebooks, and websites.

Through the years, we've worked successfully with authors, business owners, educators, artists, and creative innovators. We're excited that you are visiting our website. If you are planning a new digital media project, or considering updates to an existing one, we may be able to provide some new insights and possibilities.

Contact us to find out how we can help bring your next digital media project to reality. 


Imagine what a custom mobile app could do for your business! Topos Media provides rapid proto-typing for dramatically lower development costs!

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Perfect for small businesses and independent authors, Topos Media e-book publishing services allow you to present your message with authority.

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From new web application design and development to updates of existing websites, Topos Media knows how to make your website work for you!

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