Webseiten Entwicklung und Design

Viele Faktoren spielen bei der Webseiten Entwicklung eine wichtige Rolle. Sorgfältige Planung, technisches Wissen, und ein klares Zweckverständnis sind entscheidend in der Entwicklung einer erfolgreiche Webseite.

Topos Media bietet Ihnen die Stärke von diversen Erfahrungsbereichen und Spezialisierungen mit über zwanzig Jahren professioneller Dienstleistungen im Bereich digitaler Medien.

Wir verstehen das Ihre Webseite Herz und Seele Ihrer Online Existenz ist. Ob Sie nun Produkte oder Services anbieten, Information und Wissen vermitteln, oder eine Leserschaft für Ihren Blog aufbauen, Ihre Webseite steht in Zentrum Ihrer Online Präsenz.

Aber die Anforderungen die Ihre Webseite erfüllen muß wachsen ständig. Technische Erneuerungen auf der einen Seite: unzählige Devices, Bildschirme, und Operating Systeme auf denen Ihre Webseite erscheint und gut aussehen muß. Und neue Herausforderungen auf der Marketing Seite: von der Findbarkeit Ihrer Webseite auf den großen Suchmaschinen (SEO Services) bis zur Präsenz auf den sogenannten Sozialen Medien, Facebook, Twitter, und ähnlichem, die Aufgaben die eine Webseite heute erfüllen muß sind enorm.


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*Wir sind dabei unsere Webseiten auch in einer Deutschen Version zu präsentieren, aber es dauert ein wenig bis alle Seiten fertig sind. Einfach anrufen oder Email schicken und wir antworten in Deutsch. Hier geht's jetzt leider nur in Englisch weiter. 





A well-designed and developed site will

  • Be visible on all major search engines
  • Engage and captivate your audience
  • Deliver your message and generate conversions

Unfortunately, not all sites are built alike.

And the choices may seem overwhelming. Do it yourself? There are many new providers who promise you professional looking sites. But do they offer you all that you need to meet your business needs? How much time do you really want to spend working on your website(s) -- instead of growing your business? 

Our First Choice: WordPress

It has been one of our favourite development platforms since the beginning. Who could resist a sophisticated open source content management system with a tagline that explains: Code is Poetry




Over the years, Topos Media has evolved into a WordPress specialist, providing custom tailored WordPress solutions based on the exact needs and objectives of our clients. Take a look at our WordPress Gallery or our WordPress Installations information page to find more information of what WordPress related services we provide.


Other Platforms

We have worked with most LAMP stack based applications, OpenCart, ZenCart, WordPress, PHPnuke, you name them. All of them have excellent benefits and, some, are confined in terms of extendability and customisation options.


General Considerations

Digital media technologies continue to progress at a rapid rate. Even if you just launched your site a couple of years ago, your site may be in need of various updates and refinements to make sure it succeeds in its most important task

It has been well publicised that a website has on average only a few seconds to create a favourable first impression, the first step towards the actual goal with is to engage visitors. If your site does not match a first time visitor's expectations in terms of design and content, chances are your visitor will click away and never come back.

A professional site built with the advantage of years of experience will give you the precise features and layout to achieve your online goals.

  • Do you have a clear vision of the goals that you want your site to accomplish?
  • Do you know your visitor demographics and behaviour?
  • Do you know how many of your visitors of your site leave without engaging?

More than ever, it is of utmost importance to develop and implement a clear strategy for your online presence. What is the most important action that you want your visitor to perform?

  • Sign up to a mailing list?
  • Request more information?
  • Purchase a product from your online catalog?

Whatever it is, the design and layout of your site is crucial to your site's success.


Responsive Design

It should no longer be necessary to emphasise this, but Responsive Design features are a must for any website. Responsive website design makes sure that your site looks great on any screen and device. Statistically, more than half of your site's visitors will access your pages with a mobile device or tablet, so it is absolutely vital that all your site's elements arrange themselves depending on available screen space.

In addition, the rigorous application of website design principles that emphasize clean lines, simple and intuitive navigation, smooth interface and striking graphic design, allow you to present your message interactively and with impact. We believe that your visitor’s experience is the foundation of your site’s success.


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